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So long as I’m touching him… hear happy. I could pat his belly all day and he’d be the happiest cat. How many cats do you know that like their belly patted.

Typical morning snuggles from my birthday boy. #Gunter turned 2 this week!!

Look at those happy little pitbull faces. #pitlove #pitbullsmiles #pitbullsarelovers #happypits

This guy….psh! goof.

I can never catch a break. Even when I pee. #momproblems

Haha I love my boy. Ready for the park. Woo!

Oh you know. Just getting ny photographer on. #productshooting #mynewfavorite #studioinmybedroom #alienbeestrobes #canon5dmarkii #champagnesmoothie

This person must be from New York. #dagz

Horsin’ around.

@emologo again. Being my model so we can get the light just right. I am excited about my new Apollo softbox. Its dope. Thanks Emory for helping me with the lights. I think they turned out nice. What you think @fistfulloffilm

This guy…

@emologo helped me with my lights today.

From today’s shoot. Come on out errybody and get your picture taken!